Life is getting more expensive

Trudeau's Liberals are making things worse


Andrew's Scheer's Conservative team will help YOU get ahead by:


  • Scrapping the Carbon Taxlowering the cost of essentials like gas, groceries and home heating;

  • Introducing the Universal Tax Cut, saving an average couple $850;

  • Taking the GST off home heating costs, saving your family $107 every year;

  • Introducing the Green Public Transit Tax Credit, saving a family of four who take transit up to $1,000;

  • Making maternity benefits tax-free, putting up to $4,000 back into the pockets of new parents

  • Introducing the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, allowing parents to claim up to $1,000 for sports activities;

  • Introducing the Children's Arts and Learning Tax Credit, letting parents claim up to $500 for arts and learning programs;

  • Expand the Age Credit, benefitting lowest income Canadians the most and giving a senior couple up to $300;

  • Boosting the RESP, helping parents get more for their kids' education. For some, that could be $540 or more. 


Carbon Tax

The first act of a new Conservative government will be to scrap the Liberal Carbon Tax. ​This is an unfair tax grab that punishes Canadians 

while giving a massive exemption to Canada’s worst polluters.


We are also proud to present A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment - a plan that will conserve our environment for future generations, protect our children from the effects of climate change, and make a real impact on global emissions reduction.


Maternity Benefits

A new Conservative government will help Canadians get ahead by making maternity benefits tax-free.

This would put $4,000 in new parents’ pockets so they can focus on their newborn and not worry too much about their bottom line or bank balance.

Home Heating

A new Conservative government will bring in tax-free home energy – completely removing the federal tax from your home heating and energy bills. This will save the average Canadian household $107 per year!

We will scrap the Liberals’ carbon tax, reverse Justin Trudeau’s increased taxes on daily essentials, and put that money back in your pocket.

Safer Communities

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has put forward a new plan for A Safer Canada that contains six new policy measures to provide police forces with the resources they need to keep our communities safe. 


Conservatives believe a government’s responsibility to protect its citizens is its most sacred obligation.


Universal Tax Credit

A new Conservative government will help Canadian families save over $850 per year on their income taxes after they reduce the rate of the lowest-income tax bracket through the Universal Tax Cut. 


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