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“I have never felt the need to endorse a nomination candidate. However, I’m excited to offer my unequivocal support to Raquel Dancho. From the first time I met Raquel, I was impressed. Wise beyond her years, Raquel has an incredibly sharp mind, a strong grasp of the issues, tireless work ethic and is an impressive public speaker.She will be a welcome addition to our Conservative team in Ottawa.”

James Bezan - Longest serving Manitoba Member of Parliament (Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman) and Shadow Minister for National Defence 

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“I’m thrilled Raquel Dancho has decided to seek a nomination for our Party. She’s a fighter. She’s whip smart. She’s a brilliant communicator. She’s everything the Conservative movement needs. Support her.”


Michelle Rempel - Member of Parliament (Calgary Nose Hill) and Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Immigration


“Raquel has made our community her home and has worked tirelessly, knocking on hundreds of doors, and meeting many of you personally, to earn your vote. She has the skills, personality, and drive to be a brave, bold voice for us in Ottawa. Through her professional political experience, she is well connected with all levels of government. I know she will be an effective and strong advocate for our community.”

Jeff Browaty - City Councillor for North Kildonan Ward, Current longest-serving member of Winnipeg City Council


“I’ve worked closely with Raquel and I’m extremely impressed with her commitment and inspiring leadership. I’ve always believed the candidate must lead by example and be the hardest working person on the campaign team. Raquel has risen to the challenge and done exactly that. She has built a loyal team and I know she will continue to work hard and lead us to victory in 2019.”


Bonnie Mitchelson - Former MLA for River East, longest serving female MLA in Canada


“Raquel’s energy and enthusiasm inspired me to become a first time Party member. As a young Conservative, I’m proud to see a candidate that can relate to my generation. We need this in order to attract new voters. My entire family is behind her 100% and I know that many of my friends will also be inspired by Raquel and vote Conservative in 2019.”


Shawn Mathes - Fourth year electrical engineering student, University of Manitoba

“I’ve spoken with Raquel at length, and she is an exceptional candidate. She is full of energy, easy to talk to, listens well, and understands policy very well. She does her homework. Raquel Dancho is a candidate that does not come along very often, and it is my hope that she does not slip through our fingers.”

Rudy Derksen - Professional engineer and an active resident in the Kildonan-St. Paul riding

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