Raquel Dancho is the Member of Parliament for Kildonan – St. Paul - elected on October 21, 2019. 


Raquel was born and raised in Beausejour, MB to four generations of Canadian farmers and small business owners, their hardships are apart of her DNA. Their lives were built on sacrifice, on struggle, on principles of personal responsibility and resiliency.  Her lifelong passion for politics led her to Montreal where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at McGill University.

Raquel has worked in the Manitoba political environment for a number of years, including a successful career within the Manitoba Government. Her strong advocacy for Manitobans flourished in her capacity as the Executive Assistant to the Minister of Sustainable Development where she developed a system to more efficiently track, process and respond to constituent issues and concerns, which was adopted across the Manitoba government and works to better serve constituents every day.  


Raquel served in the senior role of Special Assistant to the Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage and was instrumental in facilitating critical relationships between the Minister and historic arts and culture institutions across Manitoba. In this role, Raquel worked closely with senior government officials to further the government’s mandate of fiscal responsibility and effective public service. 

While she worked in Manitoba provincial politics, she closely observed what was happening to our country under Justin Trudeau’s government. She felt that she couldn't sit by idly,  she needed to join the fight. Now.

Currently, Raquel runs her own consulting business that provides policy research and web development services to the private sector. 


Her passionate spirit, knowledge of the mechanics of government and first-hand experience of serving constituents has made her a strong advocate for Manitobans. She looks forward to putting these skills to use if elected as the Member of Parliament for Kildonan – St. Paul. 

When she’s off the clock, Raquel isn’t afraid of good, old-fashioned hard work and enjoys helping out on the family farm and making traditional homemade goods with her mother and grandmother. She enjoys volunteering her time emceeing at major PC events as well as fundraising, canvassing and outreach on behalf of the federal and provincial conservative parties and their candidates.


Raquel and her fiancé, Scott, both reside in North Kildonan and are proud to call this wonderful community home.

“I'm excited to work with and listen to the people of Kildonan – St. Paul. As MP, I will be a determined and dedicated advocate for them in Ottawa.”  


                                                  - Raquel Dancho